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Mackinac Island Tuxedo

Mackinac Island Tuxedo - Providing formal wear for the men in your wedding party is easy, convenient and affordable.  They can take care of all the details making it an effortless process. Simply have measurements taken for all the men at a local formal wear shop in your hometown, and send them to the Island tux store. Then simply pick them up when you arrive on the Island. It's that easy! Or, if you prefer, have your tuxedos delivered right to your hotel the night before the big day. This eliminates the hassle of renting and bringing tuxes from home.   The extra rental time, cost and travel logistics make renting tuxes at home difficult with a high chance of complications. Not only getting the tuxes to the Island in good condition is challenging, you're also responsible for taking them back home by ferry boat and your car.  

You can get information regarding styles, ordering procedures and measuring for a well fitted tux by calling the experts at Mackinac Island Tuxedo at 906-847-0246.